iDTM-FDI System Edition (SE) for Control System Vendors

With iDTM-FDI (SE) you can now enable your FDT frame for FDI!

iDTM-FDI (SE = System Edition) is a regular FDT2 DTM and at the same time an FDI Host. In fact, it is the first FDI host beside the FDI-IDE, which is commercially on the market. It carries the FDI Common Host Components for maximum interoperability. Therefore the iDTM-FDI is a perfect possibility for FDT2 system vendors to mark-up their system to be "FDI compatible". This is true for both process and factory automation.

The Principle

At product level, iDTM-FDI (SE) seamlessly integrates into an existing FDT2 frame application (stand alone or host system integrated). Many FDI Device Packages are bundled into a library.

This is 100% reuse of available EDDs and FDI Device Packages and the simple way to integrate devices into FDT Hosts.

Control system vendors can now benefit from this iDTM-FDI (SE) innovation, by participating in a Pilot Test Drive:

Just say "OK" and send your preferred HART device type information and one version of your FDT2 frame application. Within a few weeks, you will receive an iDTM-FDI pilot package and start the "test drive" iDTM-FDI. At pilot level, approx. 8 HART devices are already contained and your "favorite" device will be added! With the use of your valuable feedback, we improve the iDTM-FDI and release the first product. Of course, participants are not obliged to purchase CodeWrights products or services now or in the future.

Just as you do, we also have the user benefit always in focus, therefore we develop customized software for and with the device manufacturers and system vendors, because optimal solutions can be achieved only by combining device and software knowledge.

Why don't you also take a free-of-charge "test drive" and experience iDTM-FDI (SE)? Just contact us and take a ride!

The License

With an OEM-License for the iDTM-FDI (SE) HART you are able to bundle the complete HART device support within your DCS and / or PAM software setup.

Included in the OEM license is a maintenance and support agreement that will give you the security of having second-level support in place as well as staying up-to-date regarding the device set.

The Software

The software can be customized to be working in your FDT2-frame.

We are even able to tailor the software with your artwork, pictures and special requirements (e.g. specific treatment of the iDTM-FDI device types in the device catalog of your frame).