iDTM-FDI Manufacturer Edition (ME) for Device Manufacturers

Combining FDT and EDDL technologies in a cost-efficient way has always been a challenge. This hurdle disappeared when we brought our iDTM for HART and FF devices to the market.

Now, with the FDI technology basically on the doorstep, a new demand arrives: How to cope with FDI packages in FDT applications? Because our customers and we ourselves believe in the beauty and simplicity of the iDTM, we have already enhanced our iDTM technology with FDI capability; we called the new product iDTM-FDI. It combines FDI Common Host Components and FDT2 DTM Common Components to provide the key link between the two new key standards.

FDI Device Packages contain EDD files which are the controlling elements for the iDTM-FDI. Device manufacturers can therefore utilize this product for their device specific DTM development. The benefits for the device manufacturers are again manifold:

iDTM-FDI helps to minimize driver development and testing. Now, with three technologies, EDD, FDT and FDI, device manufacturers are expected to provide an additional artifact - the FDI Device Package. By using iDTM-FDI, the FDI Device Package can be used for FDI host applications and FDT based host systems without changing the FDI artifacts in any way.

These are the characteristics of the iDTM-FDI product:

  • iDTM-FDI is the simple path into FDI:
    • no dedicated FDI Host is required
    • look and feel remains the same
    • devices with no FDI Device Packages available can still be managed via DTMs or iDTM
  • FDI Device Packages can be directly used, without changes
  • iDTM is a proven technology as iDTMs for HART and FF have been certified