FDT2 DTM Common Component Training

The latest CodeWrights FDT2 DTM- CC Training took place in June 11th - 12th, 2013 in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA.

The goal of the training was achieved and participants learned more about what the DTM Common Components are and what is new about FDT2. After the two-day workshop, the participants successfully developed their first FDT2-DTM and everybody received their certificates.

This training course first gave an overview over FDT2 and especially an insight to the DTM Common Component, before diving into the details of developing a DTM.

A special focus during the two days has been set on "Live Coding sessions" that gave the participants the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they learned before. During the workshop the CodeWrights Trainer was available to answer questions and support the participants at any time.

The following development steps were covered during the two days:

  • Configure DTM for catalog
  • Instantiate DTM
  • Add DTM's graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Establish online connection
  • Send and receive messages in GUI
  • Show device values in GUI

The target of the training was to enable the participants to accomplish first steps in developing a FDT2 DTM using the DTM Common Component. All participants successfully achieved this goal and developed their first DTM during the workshop.

In order to make things easier working on FDT2 DTM development back in the office, each participant received a poster showing all FDT2 DTM Common Component interfaces.

Target group:     DTM developer  
Duration:     2 days
Date:     June 11th -12th, 2013 in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. 
Price:     1.790 US$

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